The European Excellence Awards in HR belong to the renowned Excellence Awards brand, which has established international competition in PR ever since 2007, being one of the most prestigious awards in the communications sector in Europe. The globally held Excellence Awards have been introduced in 2015 and are held in five regions simultaneously, providing our partners with great opportunities to reach globally connected top professionals in the field of PR and HR.

The Awards are hosted by Quadriga, a Berlin-based knowledge hub of excellence in education, information, networking and business IT solutions. As an internationally-oriented company, we already assist 300,000 professionals in their careers, currently professional groups in the fields of public relations, politics, public affairs, IT governance, human resources, marketing, sales and compliance. Thereby we are a point of contact and think tank regarding all themes and requirements in career development. #KeepQuestioning – that is our proposition for ongoing professionalisation.

Partner 2017

Clients are at the heart of everything we do at L&E Global: the leading global alliance of employers’ counsel law-firms. With more than 2000 lawyers in over 120 offices across more than 25 jurisdictions, we are well positioned to assist you with your local challenges, wherever you operate, in every corner of the globe.

L&E Global’s member firms work closely with corporate, legal, and human resources departments and corporate executives across a variety of sectors and industries to address the strategic and tactical issues that arise in the workplace, whether your business is a large, multinational corporation or an emerging enterprise seeking to enter international markets.

When you engage one of our member firms, you will work with a responsible partner who will bring together an international team with the necessary expertise, coordinate all legal services and communicate regularly with you to ensure that your needs are being met and that you are satisfied with our services, as part of L&E Global’s QualityWorkx© programme.

At L&E Global, we continuously refine our mission and the services we offer to help clients navigate legal and business challenges in a globalised world.