The European Excellence Awards in HR honoured outstanding HR-performance in a wide range of categories in 2017. With in-depth categories which cover everything from HR strategy to culture and values, the Awards explored the full range of the profession, and provided a comprehensive look at the most exceptional examples of HR-achievements in Europe.


Professional recruiting campaigns are usually a combination of different instruments such as advertising, events, videos etc. The Jury is looking for a campaign that genuinely stands out and interacts in a unique way with candidates. The Award in this category will honour a creative, “out of the box” hiring campaign that has improved retention through unique and innovative ideas.

The current recruiting market is forcing companies to re-think their recruiting strategies and tap into social networks and communities. Proactive sourcing raises company’s profiles and provides a sustainable recruiting success. The Award will go to a company that comes up with new ideas to winning the battle for talent by proactive sourcing through social media.

Translating the values and goals of the company onto film is the challenge when creating a video. The Award in this category goes to a film or video that accurately and successfully represents the company to stakeholders and interested parties, as well as attracting the best employees.

Career and recruiting events are a popular recruiting tool to attract and recruit new talents.  As a marketing tool, recruiting events arouse enthusiasm for a company image. The Jury will award an event that stands out, treads new and innovative ways and demonstrates a strong concept.

A career website is quite often the first impression that applicants get. It is the backbone and an inevitable tool for recruiting efforts. This category will reward an excellent career website, whose content, navigation, functionality and concise approach to the target group meets the company’s recruiting goals and engages candidates.

Employer’s ability to successfully attract and recruit top talent depends on how well they manage the hiring process. A good candidate experience is an excellent recruiting and marketing tool. When candidates are hired after a positive experience, they hit the ground running. The Jury will honour a candidate experience that excels in providing a positive application experience.


For the long-term retention of qualified personnel, it is crucial to provide development perspectives to employees across the entire organization. In this category, the jury evaluates the innovative power, the relation between resources and success as well as the integration of the strategy into the overall business strategy.

Finding great talent is hard enough. What’s even more challenging is keeping the talent you have engaged. Thus, successful ongoing training as well as an effective feedback culture are an important pillar of human resources development and performance management.

The relation between management and a company’s success distinguishes leadership development as an important component in the overall business strategy. The Award will go to an organisation that excels in promoting from within offering potential leaders to a management position.

Every career needs a solid foundation. Effective Trainee programs provide this foundation. The jury recognizes a high-quality programme for young professionals. The Jury will honour a company  that has a sound graduate development plan, starting from the recruitment process, to the training and evaluation process of the graduates.


Employees are the most valuable part of any organisation. Employer Branding is essential to ensure that their hard work is being showcased and appreciated whilst providing a desirable and identifiable place of work – both by targeting the most promising employees, and by retaining them. The Award will go to the most compelling Employer Branding Strategy.

Varying teams, varying places of work – the digital age creates new ways of (co-)working and faces employer, executives and employees with many new challenges and opportunities. In this category the Jury distinguishes a project that meets the technical progress and the complex changes of tomorrow’s working society successfully.

The digital revolution is also present within HR Management. It thrives on great potential and provides sustainable processes that develop personnel and administrative processes. The Award in Digitalisation goes to the project that uses the digital revolution as an opportunity – for example by introducing digital human resources solutions.

Many enterprises already determined the subject “variety and diversity” as a significant strategic priority. Encouraging and managing a diverse work environment can only be beneficial. The Jury honours the diversity strategy that breaks new ground, approaches the subject with the right conviction and manages it professionally.

Analytics in Human Resources are becoming more and more significant for companies. The fields of possible applications are diverse; from being implemented within the recruiting area to monitoring the productiveness of employees. The Jury distinguishes an analytics project that enriches data decisions in personnel matters.

Well-thought-out benefit and Incentive programs are not only “nice to have” – they are a clear sign of appreciation and gratitude towards thriving employees. Incentive strategies promote motivation and create a distinctive connection towards the organisation. The jury in this Award distinguishes especially creative and effective reward, recognition and incentives strategies.

In today’s modern age, a successful personnel management needs innovative human resources technologies to reach new heights. Whether it is mobile optimisation of application forms, matching technologies, Webinars or Video-Workshops, this category distinguishes ground-breaking technologies that have optimised HR Management.

Culture and Values

Change is needed to keep an organisation up to date and relevant – but it’s mostly easier said than done. An especially challenging task comes down to the implementation and management of change processes within the internal communication of a company. The Jury values a transparent and integrated approach to Change Management and Transformation.

A lasting health management for the company’s success and wellbeing has strongly increased during the last years. Health initiatives within an organisation must be proven to be consistent, motivating and successful. The Jury is looking for innovative projects that achieve results using a “healthy” measure.

Employees are the heart and soul of a business. An engaging strategy that incorporates the employee can increase the organisation’s productivity and performance significantly. In this category, the Jury is looking for an innovative project that has brought employee engagement in the organisation to a whole new level.

Responsible personnel politics binds its employees to the company and increases the attractiveness for potential ones. In this category the Award goes to a future-oriented, sustainable initiative within the personnel management. This can be a high-class diversity project, an initiative for the engagement of possibilities of development or an excellent health management.

National and Regional HR Projects and Strategies

This category awards the best projects and campaigns from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland.


This category awards projects and campaigns from the following countries: Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus

This category awards projects and campaigns from the following countries: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

This category awards projects and campaigns from the following countries: Italy, Andorra, Macedonia, Gibraltar, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Turkey

Special Accomplishment

Innovations are needed to keep the HR field moving forward. In today’s digital age, there is an immense amount of possibilities and opportunities – but how does a project, campaign or tool distinguishes itself from the crowd? The Jury will honour revolutionary projects, campaigns or tools that will demonstrate a clear understanding of their field and clients.


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